So what is an eWorkshop one may ask? 


 The idea of an e Workshop  was designed to maximize your benefits of the teachings and lessons in the book, Be Free Now . The workshop can be accessed and followed from home, work or on the go, making it easy to participate from wherever you are in the world.                      


The 28 Day eCourse has been specifically designed to help participants embrace and understand the power of our own thoughts and feelings.


This course will aid participants in feeling lighter, more connected with self and more in alignment with purpose. Through connecting with ourselves and source we are able to tap into our own unlimited power and manifestation. The 28 days is reflective of the natural Moon Cycle and rhythm within us all and will allow us to align with the moon’s powerful and sacred energy.








































Do you desire

*MORE Peace!

*More joy!

*more balance

*More abundance








28 Specially tailored lessons delivered to your inbox daily complete with interactive assignments such as self-assessments , journaling exercises and more  to help you

in this journey  ( 39.99 value ) 


Download of “Be Free Now” ebook edition (11.00 value)


A step by step guided Lesson on mediation and techniques for manifesting!

(29.99 value)


Download of a specifically crafted workbook designed for this workshop and your assignments, assessments and journaling (24.99 value)


Two live teleconference calls/ Moon Rituals that will anchor  us into our manifesting power of the Moon and include Q&A Sessions where Darshania covers commonly asked questions from participants   (150.00 value)


A guided video lesson on how to create your life purpose statement in order to get crystal clear on the type of life you envision and want to manifest for yourself  (29.99 value) 


Access to an online private community Facebook page where you can share and post with your journey mates & be inspired by the affirmations and words of other participants. (29.99 value) 












                              DO YOU

                            struggle with self esteem and confidence?

               want to increase the focus on a particular goal?

                  feel UN clear on how to CREATE YOUR BEST LIFE ?

    dream of a new life& are willing to do the work to get there?

          want to feel more peace, love and freedom in your life?


If you answered yes to any of the above questions

                   Then this E-Workshop is for you!







Today! I am offering this workshop to you for the AMAZING introductory price of   $33





Not able to fully commit to 28 days?

       You can now access the eWorkshop for 7, 14, 21 or the full 28!  

  Choose which week you would like to participate in & sign up TODAY!

                                        One weeks cost is $19 



Sign up with a friend/partner/family member for $44 for both!


     Invest in yourself now !







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