💧Journey for 4 weeks, utilizing the elements of nature, journaling, herbal suggestions for each element, ritual, tools for healing and more. I even will be sharing playlists each week specified for healing and tuning into the week's energy! .🎶

There is such huge transformation happening on the planet right now, you can consciously move through it and come out with more tangible results in your life. You can release and start building new foundations for the life you'd like to lead. You can take back your power and have the support of a guide who has been to depths of darkness and still has so much light to bring. 💫💫💫💫💫
Let's Go -
You are the Magic
You are the Creator
You are the Alchemy!

VENMO @DarShania



The grief ritual is offered to assist those who are experiencing any type of grief or loss in their life. The ritual will cover the stages of grief, tools we can use to move through and be present with grief and a ceremony to clear any trapped grief from the body or subconscious mind. We will gather as a sacred community and I will hold the container for ones who may want to share or just be comforted and supported as they move through their feelings in this healing time.

This is being offered as a support for those not only grieving people, but grieving any loss be it  your former self, an old relationship or job, pet, home, or anything that you may feel you have lost. You may also be carrying grief from an ancestral line or parent. 

This is a pay what you are able offering- suggested donation is $20-$88 - choose your method of payment above flyer.

(no one turned away ) 

When you make your offering of currency, please include your email for zoom link which will be emailed to you. 

AUGUST 7 2020 8PM PST 


THE "DAY OUT OF TIME: DEEP DIVE INTO NATURAL TIME”, a live 7-hour broadcast event, on Saturday, July 25th, 2020, from 9am-4pm PDT. This year marks the 28th annual observance of the Day Out of Time (DOOT), the last day of the 13 Moon/Month calendar year, when people all around the planet plant the seeds of “Peace through Culture” and “Time is ART”, before entering a NEW Galactic year! This is also the very first time that the DOOT will be broadcast live to the entire world!

With the support of Unify and THC2020, Planet Restoration and a host of incredible collaborators will synthesize & harmonize with an event to inspire, inform, and support us all to synchronize in “Natural Time”, as we co-create the Regenerative Future together.

Speakers include Daniel Pinchbeck, Sacha Stone, Stephanie South, Eden Sky, RuBen Llinas, Wanique Shabazz, Dr. Jewel Pookrum, Lewis Elbinger, Tuere Cheka, Mikuak Rai, Jessica Marie and others. The event will also feature music and healing arts from Mirabai Ceiba, Rising Appalachia, The Suns, Beautiful Chorus, Cornflower, Michael Fitzpatrick, Darshania, Omboy Rॐ, Hawah plus more.



A class guided with a focus on the breath and flow. Class focuses on postures for alignment of the spine and body. The use of geometric progression and postures found in ancient temples in Ancient Egypt assist the practitioner to connecting todepper levels of awareness, peace and alignment. 

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